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The Arkansas Secretary of State's official website is a vital resource for searching for information related to various business entities. With a focus on LLCs, incorporations, cooperatives, banks, and insurance companies, this webpage provides a robust and straightforward tool for conducting detailed searches. This guide will explore the functionalities and features that make this webpage an essential asset for business professionals, researchers, and general users.

Understanding Arkansas SOS Business Search Options

Understanding  Arkansas Secretary of State Business Search Options

Search Form

Arkansas Secretary of State Business Search forms types

The search form is the centerpiece of the Arkansas Secretary of State's official webpage, designed to provide users with a robust and convenient way to locate information on various types of corporations. This section details the individual elements of the search form and explains how they collectively offer an effective means of pinpointing the information users need.

Corporation Type

The dropdown menu labeled "Corporation Type" serves as a vital starting point for any search. Users can select from a comprehensive list of options, from Domestic For-Profit Corporations to Domestic Nonprofit Corporations and more. This functionality helps users to narrow down their search to a specific category of corporations, ensuring that the results are relevant to their needs.

The Different Corporation Types

The Different Corporation Types

  • Benefit Corporation: A type of corporation that includes positive societal and environmental impact alongside profit as its legally defined goals.
  • Domestic For-Profit Corporation: A corporation that operates in its home jurisdiction and aims to earn profit for its shareholders.
  • Domestic Cooperative (Ag, Mkt, Gen): A domestic cooperative that operates in the agricultural, marketing, or general sectors, owned and operated by its members.
  • Domestic Cooperative (Tel, Elec): A cooperative in the telecommunication or electrical industries that is located and operates within its home jurisdiction.
  • Domestic Limited Liability Company: A legal structure that provides the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership.
  • Domestic Limited Liability Limited Partnership: A type of partnership that has both general and limited partners and provides limited liability to the limited partners.
  • Domestic Limited Partnership: A partnership in which some partners have limited liability while others have full liability, and it operates within its home jurisdiction.
  • Domestic Limited Liability Partnership: A partnership where all partners have limited liability for the debts of the partnership.
  • Domestic General Partnership: A partnership where all partners share in both the responsibilities of running the business and in the liabilities for business debts.
  • Foreign For Profit Corporation: A corporation that operates outside its home jurisdiction with the primary aim of earning profit.
  • Foreign Nonprofit Corporation: A corporation that operates outside its home jurisdiction with the primary aim of fulfilling a social, educational, or similar mission rather than earning profit.
  • Foreign Cooperative (Ag, Mkt, Gen): A foreign cooperative that focuses on agriculture, marketing, or general sectors.
  • Foreign Cooperative (Tel, Elec): A cooperative in the telecommunication or electrical industries that operates outside its home jurisdiction.
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company: A legal structure from a foreign jurisdiction that offers limited liability to its owners.
  • Foreign Limited Liability Limited Partnership: A partnership type from a foreign jurisdiction that includes general and limited partners, with limited liability extended to limited partners.
  • Foreign Limited Partnership: A foreign partnership where some partners enjoy limited liability while others have full liability.
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership: A partnership from a foreign jurisdiction where all partners enjoy limited liability.
  • Foreign General Partnership: A business arrangement where two or more individuals from a foreign jurisdiction share in the profits, responsibilities, and liabilities.
  • Foreign Business Trust: A legal entity that acts as a trust, partnership, or corporation, often used to protect assets in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Unincorporated Nonprofit Association: An organization designed for purposes other than generating profit, and no part of its income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers.
  • Bank: A financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans.
  • Insurance Company: A corporation that provides various types of insurance policies to individuals and businesses.
  • Name Registration: The act of officially registering a business name within a jurisdiction.
  • Name Reservation: The act of reserving a business name prior to incorporation.
  • Domestic Public Water Authority: A government entity or special-purpose district responsible for providing water services within its home jurisdiction.
  • Foreign Public Water Authority: A government entity responsible for providing water services outside its home jurisdiction.
  • Domestic Series LLC: A specific type of LLC that allows for segregation of assets within separate series or divisions in its home jurisdiction.
  • Domestic Protected Series: Similar to a series LLC, but specifically emphasizes the protection of each series' assets from liabilities in its home jurisdiction.
  • Foreign Series LLC: A Series LLC that is organized under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Foreign Protected Series: A foreign Series LLC with emphasis on protecting the assets of each series from liabilities.
  • Video Service Provider: A business that provides video content services such as streaming, television, or video on demand.
  • International Student Exchange Visitor Placement Organization Registration (ISEVPO): An organization that facilitates international student exchanges and complies with specific registration requirements.

Name or Fictitious Name

Name or Fictitious Name

Users can further refine their search by inputting either the exact name or the fictitious name of the corporation they're looking for. This allows for a more targeted search, especially if the user has specific details about the entity they are seeking.

Registered Agent Information

Registered Agent Information

The fields related to the registered agent's information, including city and state location, add another layer of refinement to the search. By inputting this data, users can locate corporations based on the registered agent's details, offering a highly specialized search method.

Filing Number

Filing Number

For users who possess a filing number, there is an option to include this in the search. This unique identifier allows for a precise and targeted search, locating specific information based on the filing number.

RA City and RA State

RA City and RA State

By selecting the city and state where the registered agent is located, users can refine their search geographically. This ensures that the search results align with the desired location criteria.

Search Button

Search Button

After defining the various criteria, users can initiate their search by simply clicking the "Search" button. The search process is fast and efficient, displaying results that match the specified criteria.

Customized Options for Diverse Needs

With various options for corporation type, including specific categories related to profit, nonprofit, domestic, foreign, cooperatives, and more, the search form provides a flexible and user-friendly platform to meet diverse needs.

Viewing the Arkansas Business Search Results Table

Viewing the Arkansas Business Search Results Table

Once you enter a business name or a fictitious name and click the "Search" button, a comprehensive list of results will pop up. This table provides a list of businesses registered under the provided name.

Records Returned

This shows the total number of records that match the search criteria. In this case, only one record was returned, suggesting a specific or narrow search query.


This column displays the official name of the business entity. It's the legal name under which the business is registered and operates.


This column indicates the city where the business is located. It can be useful for understanding the geographical focus of the business.


This refers to the U.S. state abbreviation where the business is registered. In this example, "AR" represents Arkansas.


The status column informs you whether the business is active or not within the state. "Not Current" may indicate that the business is not in good standing with the state, perhaps due to lapsed filings, unpaid taxes, or other compliance issues.

Service of Process

This instruction indicates that legal documents or notices related to the businesses listed should be directed to the Secretary of State's office.

Access to Corporations

If you need to download a large set of data related to corporations, this link directs you to the appropriate service.

Interpreting Arkansas Business Search Results

Interpreting Arkansas Business Search Results

Once you have found the business name you were looking for in the search results, you can review the details associated with it by clicking the business name. The information provided includes important data points, find a more detailed explanation below:

Corporation Name

The first item is the official name of the corporation as it appears in the state's official records. This name must be unique within the state and is the legal name under which the business operates.

Fictitious Names

If applicable, this section lists any names under which the company may be doing business, other than its official name.

Filing Number

This unique identifier is used by the state to track the corporation. It can be used for future reference or inquiries with the state regarding this specific business entity.

Filing Type

This indicates the legal structure of the business, such as a For Profit Corporation. Different structures have different legal and tax implications.

Filed Under Act

This section refers to the specific state act under which the corporation was formed. It helps in understanding the legal context governing the corporation.


This will inform you if the business is currently active, not current, or has another status within the state. It gives a general idea of the business's standing.

Principal Address

This is the main business address where the corporation is located. It might be essential for various legal or operational reasons.

Registered Agent

The registered agent is the person or entity authorized to accept legal papers on behalf of the business. This person is the point of contact between the business and the state.

Agent Address

This is the physical address where the registered agent can be reached.

Date Filed

This tells you when the business was officially registered with the state. It can be significant for understanding the age of the business or for legal considerations.


This section lists key individuals associated with the corporation, such as the President, Tax Preparer, and Incorporator/Organizer. This information may be vital for understanding who is in charge of various aspects of the corporation.

Foreign Name and Foreign Address

If applicable, these fields provide information about the corporation's name and address in a different state or country.

State of Origin

If the business is incorporated outside Arkansas, this field will provide the name of the state or country where the business was originally formed.

Pay Franchise Tax

This link or instruction is typically directed at the business owner or their representative. It provides information or a method to fulfill the company's tax obligations in Arkansas.


The Arkansas Business Search is a comprehensive tool to help individuals and businesses find registered corporations in the state. By providing easy access to important information about companies, it can be incredibly useful for research, compliance, or operational purposes.

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