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Your personal or business Twitter handle is your identity in the Twitterverse. So you want it to stand out. BrandSnag can help you check whether your name is unique or whether someone else thought of it first. Twitter’s user base is growing every day, so it may take you several tries before you find a username that’s free. However, while free is great, you must make sure the handle you ultimately end up with is a good representation of your brand. Don’t settle for mediocre. BrandSnag lets you check the availability of as many usernames as you want. So keep at it until you find a name that will make you or your business one-of-a-kind on Twitter.

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Should Your Twitter Handle be The Same as Other Social Platforms?

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We can’t stress this enough. You need to be consistent when creating accounts on social media. Your handles should be the same on all social platforms.

Having a handle that’s the same on all social media platforms makes it easier for people to find you or your business. It also makes marketing much easier as well. This is because consistent branding builds awareness. People are more likely to purchase from a company that they recognize. On a personal level, having the same handle on all social platforms prevents your friends from having to question whether the user is actually you.

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How To Check If Your Twitter Username is Available

Did you know that Twitter has 192 million daily active users? So it should come as no surprise that your Twitter username might already be taken. Even celebrities have trouble claiming their own names as handles. This leads many of them to add “The Real” or “Official” to their handle to set themselves apart from the hundreds of other users using their names as their usernames.

As a result, you probably won’t get your first choice of Twitter handle. So the best thing to do is to have a few backups. The quickest way to check the availability of your handle ideas is to use BrandSnag’s Twitter Username Checker. This tool is the easiest way to figure out whether your Twitter handle is available.

Smart Ways of Choosing a Twitter Handle or Username

There are no hard and fast rules for devising a Twitter handle, but we have a few suggestions:


Use your name, your business, personal brand, or real name.


Consider adding words like Inc or Company. If someone has already claimed your business name, you can add Inc or Company to your handle to set yourself apart.


Don’t use numbers or underscores. We don’t recommend using numbers or underscores as this tends to look unprofessional and can be hard to remember.


Avoid keyword stuffing. Keywords on Twitter look spammy so keep them to a minimum.


Keep it short. The longer the handle, the harder it will be to remember.


Keep it consistent. Your Twitter handle should be the same as the usernames you use on other social platforms.

Should Your Twitter & Instagram Username Be The Same?

Having the same Twitter and Instagram usernames is important. You want to make sure your customers or fans don’t have to remember different ways to contact or find you. For instance, imagine if someone was trying to tag you on both Twitter and Instagram. If your two handles aren’t the same, this will make it harder for you to be tagged on both channels successfully.