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As a social news platform, Reddit lets people share and discuss content. It's a great way for businesses to provide customer service, share product or service information, and generally engage with users.

BrandSnag's Reddit Name Checker can help you find a Reddit username if you haven't picked one out yet. It will also tell you if this name is available on other social channels. After all, it's essential to be consistent in your online presence, so you want to choose a handle that you can use on multiple platforms

Your Reddit handle is your identity on this platform, so it needs to align with who you are or what your business is about. Once you create your name on Reddit, you can't change it, so make sure you're happy with it.

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How to Check if Your Reddit Name is Available

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BrandSnag is the quick and easy way to check if your Reddit name is available. Obviously, you could go through the Reddit account setup, and it will tell you if your name is taken, but why waste your time. BrandSnag shows you whether your name is original or whether you have to go back to the drawing board right away. It also tells you whether the name you've come up with is free on other social networks. This is important because you want a handle that is the same everywhere.

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How to Change Your Name on Reddit?

You cannot change your Reddit username. You're stuck with it for life unless you create a new account. However, if you create a new account, you'll lose the Karma, followers, and reputation you've built up.

It is possible to change your display name, however. All you need to do is go to Settings, select Customize Profile, and you'll get to a page where you can edit and then save a new display name.

Tips for Making a Cool Reddit Username

A cool username on Reddit catches a person's notice and sticks in their mind. Here are a few tips for creating a cool handle of your own:


Use a pop culture reference like a quote from your favorite show or movie. Ex:DodgeThis


Combine two words that sound good together. Ex: RetroCaterpillar


Use the name of a character from a movie or TV show. Ex: Neo


Use something related to what you do or who you are. Ex: FrisbeeGolf


Take the roots of two words and mash them together. Ex: juxtaposition and fixer = Juxer

What is Karma on Reddit?

In Buddhism, Karma is the idea that what you put out into the world will come back to you. On Reddit, Karma is the score you get when you post and comment on the platform. Everyone can see your Karma score on your profile.

Your Reddit Username is Not Available? Here's what You Can Do!

Let's assume that you're in the process of building your personal brand or business. This means you don't yet have an online reputation associated with your name, which is a good thing. You want a domain name and social handles that are all the same. The only way to do this is to have a name that hasn't already been taken. So before you start printing out business cards with your personal or business name, check to see if it's available on Reddit and all other social platforms using BrandSnag. If the first name you want isn't available, try out different username generators and variations until you find one you can use as a domain and on social media.