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Are you creating a new website? Do you want to start publishing on social media? The name is the first step. Check the availability of the name in a moment!

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What Makes a Good Facebook Username

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Choosing a Facebook username is important because it easily lets people search for and find your business or personal page. It also allows people to tag you in their posts and include a link to your Facebook page. For these reasons, you need to come up with a memorable and unique username. It should also be related to your business or brand

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when coming up with your page username:


Avoid using spaces
or underscores


Use capitalization
for readability


it short


Don’t include
any numbers


Keep your username as close to the name of your page as possible

How to Check if Your Facebook Username is Available?

When creating your username, Facebook will tell you if it’s been taken. If this is the case, then it’s back to the drawing board.

A far less time-consuming way to check the availability of your username is to use BrandSnag’s Facebook User name Check. Using this tool in your brainstorming phase, you can quickly figure out whether you need to modify or change your username. You can also quickly check multiple usernames and find out which ones are available to use.

Creative Ways of Choosing a Facebook Username


Your username needs to represent yourself or your business in a way that’s memorable and unique. So you’ll want to get creative.


First, consider using your name or your business’s name. It may not be too creative, but it’s the easiest way to be found. However, if this username is already taken, you might want to use a nickname


For instance, some people call McDonald’s Mickey D’s or Mick D’s. If you or your business are known by a nickname, you could use this in your Facebook username.

What to do if Your Facebook Name is Taken

The worst has happened, you’ve come up with a brilliant username, you checked it using BrandSnag Facebook Username Check, and darn it! It’s taken. Now what?

Never fear! If your brand name is set in stone, you have a few options. You can add a word or two, incorporate a period, or change the order of words. For example, you could add an article like The, A, or An to your username. So if your first choice username is PartyPlannersKansas, you could change it to ThePartyPlannersKansas.

Is Having a Good Facebook Username Important?

We can’t stress enough the importance of a good Facebook username. Whether it’s for your personal page or your business page, your username helps make you findable in Facebook search results without a lot of effort. If it’s too hard for people to find you, they’ll eventually give up and turn to a competitor. Your username also shows up in search engine searches because you’ll get a custom Facebook URL.

A good username also makes it easy for people to tag you in their posts and link to your page. If you don’t have an appropriate username, this won’t be possible, and you could lose out on possible followers and clients.