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Are you a creator looking to monetize your content? Look no further than Patreon. Patreon allows creators to generate income from paying fans - although this is easier said than done. If you’re a creator who wants fans to find you, you’ll need a catchy name. BrandSnag can help you easily find the perfect Patreon username so you can blow up on the platform.

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What is Patreon?

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Patreon is a platform that empowers creators to launch their own content subscription services for their community of fans. Creators can generate steady income without relying on advertisers, while fans, or “Patrons,” can enjoy their favorite creators 100% ad-free.

Free of constraints inherent in the advertising model, creators have complete creative control over their work. It’s likely why the content is so high quality. Despite Patreon skeptics, the platform currently has 6 million active users and hosts over 200,000 content creators.

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Who is Patreon For?

Patreon supports content creators of all kinds, so long as their content can be consumed online. That includes anyone you might typically think of when you think about creators: podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, and artists. However, Patreon also supports journalists, communities, teachers, and gaming creators. As long as you have content that’s worthy of a paying fanbase, you have a place on Patreon.

How to Make Money with Patreon?

Looking to start creating on the Patreon app? First, you’ll first need to create your own page. Don’t breeze by this stage - your page is your brand, so you want to make sure that every element is just right. If you’re having trouble finding a Patreon account name, try using BrandSnag. BrandSnag is a great tool for quickly finding available Patreon usernames and can be a huge help as you’re brainstorming.

Once your page is set up, it’s time to decide on your business model. Many creators opt for a monthly membership fee where Patrons are given access to content. In this model, you can create tiers of membership where the more people pay, the more content they can access. Or you may choose to set fundraising goals for specific pieces you’re working on – kind of like how crowdfunding platforms work. From there, it’s all about garnering a community of fans.

Should Your Patreon & Spotify Username Be the Same?

Your name is your brand, and that brand should be consistent everywhere. That’s especially true on platforms that make you money, like Patreon and Spotify. BrandSnag can help you search through multiple platforms at once so you can find one name that’s available everywhere. It takes little to no effort and could go a long way in helping you create a name that’s instantly recognizable.

Should Your Patreon, Discord, & YouTube Username Be the Same?

Ideally, you’ll want your username to be the exact same on all your accounts. That way your followers on one platform can easily find you on another. To that end, your Patreon, Discord, and YouTube username should always be consistent. If you’re having trouble finding a name that’s available on all three platforms, BrandSnag can help you find one in a snap.

How to Connect Patreon to Discord?

To connect your Patreon account to Discord, click your profile picture on the top right corner and hit “my profile settings.” Then click the apps tab, where you should see a Discord link. Click the link, and you’ll be directed to their site to complete the connection.

Who are Some Popular Artists to Subscribe to on Patreon?

Patreon features tons of great talent, but here are just a few to get you started:

Frannerd: An artist with lighthearted doodles and comics that deliver an insightful message.
Chibird: A viral GIF maker who offers three available tiers of membership.
Lilith Ai: An indie folk musician whose tracks are usually accompanied by mesmerizing animations.
Felix Colgrave: An animator and director who creates stunning short films.
Paul Castle Studio: A partially blind artist who’s made it his mission to bring others joy with his drawings.
By Bun: A mixed media artist whose visually arresting work is also available for sale on Etsy.