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Are you looking to get social? Joining a social media platform means coming up with a unique social handle. This username should say something about who you are and what people can expect if they follow you. But first, you need to ensure that no one else is using your handle. This is where BrandSnag comes in. BrandSnag’s Social Media username Checker is a Fast, Free, and Secure way to check the availability of social media handles and usernames across multiple platforms in just one click.

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How to Quickly Check if My Social Username is Available?

Now that you’ve come up with some ideas for your social media handle or username, it’s time to check its availability. Due to the many social media channels out there, this task can be time-consuming

Fortunately, BrandSnag offers an easy and quick way to check a handle’s availability on all social media platforms. Using BrandSnag’s Social Media Username Checker, you will quickly find out whether the username you’ve chosen is available on all the platforms you want to use, including Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram .

How to Create a Good 
Social Media Username

Your social presence means everything for you as an individual or business. You need to have a good handle because your social username creates a first and lasting impression. That’s why you should choose a Social Username carefully.

A good social media username is unique and easy to remember. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind when selecting your handle:

Use your first or last name

For personal social media accounts or for a business that is tied to your name, consider using either your first or last name as your handle.

Consider adding “the” “this” or “that.”

Adding a determiner to your username is a good way to make it stand out.

Use your job title

Consider using your name and your job title as your handle. This will help people to identify you with your career.

Use your website

Use the domain name of your website as your username or handle. This will ensure consistency for your brand.

Add the word “real” or “official.”

If your name is not unique, you can use real or official to differentiate yourself.

Add the word “its.”

Using the word “its” in your username will give you a distinctive handle.

The Importance of Consistent Social Media Handles

Having the same social media username or handle across multiple platforms makes your personal brand or business easier to remember and find.

It’s also important for consistent branding. For example, using the username @MyStore on Twitter and @MyStore1 on Facebook will cause confusion, and it looks unprofessional. Additionally, if you’re using social media for business purposes, it’s easier to communicate one handle across business materials.

What to Do if Your Social Name is Taken

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Uh oh! Someone already has the handle you want? Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Fortunately, there are some things you can do.

If the social handle or username you want is taken, you might want to consider adding to it or subtracting from it. For instance, you could add “the” in front of your handle, or you could shorten your name. So instead of JaneDoePainting, you could be TheJaneDoePainting or JaneDPainting. You might also consider only using your initials or using an acronym. For example, instead of JaneDoePainting, you could be JDPainting.

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Additionally, adding characters to your handle will allow you to keep your original handle idea while making it distinctive. For example, you could add an underscore or period.

You can even add multiple characters to set your name even further apart from others. However, you need to remember that your name needs to be easy for people to remember, so don’t go hog wild.