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When gaming online, your gamer tag acts as your first impression. It is the first thing someone sees in a multiplayer lobby. With the right gamer tag, you can convey your personality online. When streaming, you can use it to play a character or to make people remember you. However, the gamer tag you want isn't always available. Thankfully, BrandSnag can help you with its Gaming Username Checker. The tool is Fast, Free, and Secure. It will help you find the Gamertag you want so that you can get to gaming and streaming as quickly as possible.

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Finding a Cool Twitch Handle or Username

Coming up with a unique gamer tag is a great way to differentiate yourself from all the half-hearted gamers out there. A cool gamer tag tells the gaming world that you're serious while also letting you express your personality.

So, it should be brief, punchy, and memorable. You'll also want to keep it short, between 12 and 15 characters. It should reflect the persona or personality that you want to convey while streaming. It's also better for your branding if you use something consistent with the content you're trying to produce. For example, the former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect was known for being bombastic and quick-witted, traits that are well represented by his name.

If you're having trouble coming up with a username, you could start with a list of seed words. These words should be interesting and meaningful to you.

They could be your interests, traits, habits, likes, brands, or styles that you identify with.

What Are Some Popular Online Games?

A lot of gamers have one or two games that are truly special to them. These games become part of their brand.

The most popular games for Twitch streaming are:

Super Mario Maker

his game is great for Twitch streamers because it encourages audience interaction. For instance, you can take level requests from chat. Additionally, audiences will enjoy watching you attempt one of the brutal courses found in the 100 Mario Challenge or exploring the interactive Mushroom Kingdom.

League of Legends

Due to its active competition scene, this is a popular game with pro gamers. LoL has a large fanbase, and that means a guaranteed audience for streamers.

Grand Theft Auto V

This game is known as the fastest-selling entertainment product ever. It is still the number one game on Twitch over seven years in, with total viewership hours of around 250,826,775.


This game is the most streamed on Twitch. The game mode that is most popular for streamers is Fortnite Battle Royale which involves up to 100 gamers.

How to Check if Your Twitch Username is Available?

When you sign up for Twitch, you will be alerted if the username you've chosen has already been taken.

However, to avoid wasting your time, you should check your handle's availability ahead of time. You can do this quickly and easily using BrandSnag's Gaming Name Checker.

What to do if your Twitch Username is Taken?

gaming alt

If the Twitch username you want to use is taken, you should consider adding words or characters to it.

For instance, if you're going to use the handle SlyGuy, you could be Sly_Guy or TheSlyGuy. Alternatively, you could shorten your handle or spell it unconventionally. For example, SleyeGuy or SlyG.

gaming alt