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As blockchain technology takes off, more and more people recognize the power of decentralized domain names. Services like Ethereum Name service, or ENS, allow people to register these names, and BrandSnag makes it easier than ever to find the right one.

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What are Ethereum Domains?

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An Ethereum domain, sometimes referred to as an ENS domain, is a human-friendly nickname for a machine-friendly address. Most Ethereum addresses are comprised of 42 hexadecimal characters, which are hard to communicate and nearly impossible to remember.

ENS translates those numbers into a succinct and memorable name. It’s not unlike how traditional domain names work in a centralized domain system: IP addresses are long and incomprehensible; short, catchy names are created to represent them.

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How Does the Ethereum Name Service Work?

ENS hosts an app that allows users to search, register, and manage crypto domain names. However, this first step can be tricky. Every ENS name is registered as an NFT or nonfungible token. This means that every name must be completely unique, just like in the world of centralized domain names.

If and when you’re able to find a unique name that’s available, it will be given a “.eth” suffix once it’s registered. You might also see “.test” in the world, but this is used almost exclusively by developers. Subdomains can also be applied to your ETH domain and are perfect for various users or utilities. This takes the format of “”

How to Get an Ethereum Address?

To get started, head over to and launch the ENS app. You might be tempted to start looking up names right away, but before you do, connect to your crypto wallet by clicking the “connect” button in the top left corner. Make sure you’ve got some ETH in your wallet to cover any registration charges and gas fees.

Next, use the ENS lookup tool to search for your desired domain name. If your name isn’t available, BrandSnag can help you search for others. It should be noted that fewer characters cost more money, so it’s in your best interest to develop something memorable in 5 or more characters. Unless, of course, you’re willing to pay a premium.

How Can You Use ENS Domains?

The world of Web3 has been highly technical until now. Only people with a fairly advanced understanding of blockchain technology have been able to participate in a meaningful way. By translating Ethereum addresses into more intelligible terms, ENS domains make Web3 accessible to anyone starting from the ground up. Aggregating subdomains, sites, and wallets under a single name makes it much easier to navigate.

Anyone with an Ethereum domain name is now also entitled to take part in ENS governance. Tokens can be exchanged for the ability to vote on proposals and have their say on the future of ETH.

The Advantages of Crypto or Blockchain Domains

Without a centralized authority like ICANN, blockchain domains offer a host of benefits that traditional domains can’t. Like protection from censorship. Owners of traditional domains are technically vulnerable to getting shut down by their registry, ICANN, or even the government. Blockchain domains, on the other hand, offer freedom of speech red flag-free.

Blockchain domains also don’t require regular fees. Just a one-time initiation fee. That means there are no bills to miss and no one who could possibly take your domain away from you. Your domain name is truly your own.

The Advantages of Having an Ethereum Address

Registering an Ethereum domain can make your life a whole lot simpler. With easy-to-remember names, you don’t have to worry about typing the wrong number and transferring funds to the wrong wallet. You can also search names to see the number and value of tokens in any Ethereum account. Plus, because these domain names are nonfungible, you’re able to buy and sell them on NFT marketplaces.