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Your personal or business Instagram name is essential to your identity on the popular social platform. It also serves as a way for people to find you and your content. So it goes without saying that you must have a handle that people will easily remember and that is unique to you or your business.

However, before you start printing t-shirts with your Instagram handle on them, you should check the username availability on BrandSnag. BrandSnag will tell you right away if the name you've come up with is already in use. After all, Instagram is a popular platform, so the likelihood that the first name you think of is available, is slim. Luckily, you can use BrandSnag to play with variations of your handle until you find the one that you both like and that's not already in use.

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How Important is a Good Instagram Handle?

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As a visual platform, Instagram helps you form a personal connection with fans, customers, and potential clients. It lets you share photos and videos to tell interesting stories. The visual medium is also a great way to sell products and services.

Choosing the right Instagram handle can set the tone for your personal or business identity. It helps people understand what to expect from your account right off the bat. It also offers the simplest way for people to search for your brand or person on Instagram. As a result, if your username isn't easy to remember or easy to spell, you'll be at a disadvantage.

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Is it Instagram Handle or Instagram Username?

An Instagram handle and an Instagram username are essentially the same thing. All usernames on social media are called handles. Handles on Twitter , Quora, and Instagram start with the @ symbol.

Check if Your Instagram Handle is Available

Instagram tells you right away if the handle you've chosen is taken. However, to save time, you should check the availability of your Instagram handle before you create an account. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to use BrandSnag's Instagram Name Checker. This tool will let you test out multiple handle variations until you find the one that's free. You can then set up your Instagram account faster as you'll already be armed with an available username.

Creative Ways of Coming Up with a Good IG Username

Your Instagram username should represent your personality or the values, services, or products of your brand. For instance, you might consider combining your company name with what your business does. So if you sell electronics and your company is called TechWorld, you could make your handle TechWorldElectronics. Or, if your Instagram is a personal account, you could add something about yourself to your name. So, for example, if your name is SarahSmith, you might make your name SarahSmithLovesCats. Essentially, the world is your oyster, so let your creativity shine. Just remember to keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell. This will help people find and remember you.

What Can You Do if Your Instagram Handle is Not Available?

Your name lets users identify you across all social channels. So if you don't already have a name picked out yet, use BrandSnag to help you find one that's available.

If you have a brand name that isn't established, consider rebranding by creating your brand name with social media in mind. For example, if your brand name is Kyra Makeup, you might want to change it to something completely different that's available on all social media channels.

If, however, your brand is already established, you may have to make slight changes. For example, if your brand is SarahSmith, you could add "The" and become TheSarahSmith. In this way, people can still recognize you across different platforms.

Should Your Instagram Name be The Same as Your Domain Name?

The social platforms you use to engage with fans or new and existing customers are an extension of your brand. For this reason, you must keep your Instagram name consistent with your domain name. Luckily, BrandSnag can help you find a username that's available on multiple platforms.