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Looking to expand your social presence? Snapchat is a great place to start. With over 300 million daily active users worldwide, Snapchat is a huge opportunity to reach new audiences. But for your account to really pick up a following, you’ll need a great Snapchat username. This can be tricky. Snapchat only allows you to check one username at a time, which can make it a little difficult to do research and come up with something memorable.

That’s where BrandSnag saves the day. Here, you can check as many Snapchat usernames as you want with just the click of a button – and all for free. You can also check names against other platforms so you can have one consistent username across all of your accounts.

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What Makes a Good Snapchat Name?

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It’s not enough to have a username that’s on-brand. You need a username that people will remember.

So just keep it simple. The shorter, the better, and as much as possible, avoid special characters and numbers that could confuse users. Ideally, your username is distinctive from other accounts – especially ones that might be considered similar to yours.

You’ll also want your Snapchat username to be consistent with your usernames on other platforms. If you engage with people both online and offline, you’ll also want to think beyond social media on how to find a name that’s consistent across all of your channels. Consistency is key when it comes to building brands.

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How to Change Your Snapchat Username?

Not-so-fun fact: once you create your Snapchat account, you can’t go back and change your username like you can on Instagram or Facebook.

For that reason, it’s absolutely crucial to get it right the first time. You don’t want to build up a following on Snapchat only to have regrets about your handle down the line.

To avoid this situation, put some serious time and effort into your name right off the bat. Hold brainstorming sessions. Do some research. Talk to friends and family that match your target about what attracts them to one name versus another. More importantly, don’t get too attached to a username before looking it up on BrandSnag. It’s a quick and easy way to see if a username is already taken on Snapchat as well as many other platforms.

Cool Snapchat Usernames

Snapchat is super casual and tons of fun. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Snapchat username.

The best handles are the ones that get people’s attention before they even see any content. You might want to try going with a funny username. That might mean using a pun like @gnomecomingqueen or playing on a pop culture reference like @arianagrandesponytail. A lot of funny names also integrate the word “snap,” like @snapcracklepopp, @snapitlikeyoumeanit, and @dontsnapme.

If funny is off-brand for you, try going with something intriguing that just straight up sounds cool. Usernames like @thundercloud or @roguerenegade can pique someone’s interest with nothing more than a little bit of mystery.

What to Do if Your Snapchat Username is Taken?

There are millions of Snapchat accounts. Unless the username you want is super unique, there’s a good chance that it isn’t going to be available.

But that’s okay – there are tons of workarounds. One is to add where you’re based out of, like @coachnyc or @hmusa. You could add the word “official” to signify that you’re the real deal, which seems to be working for @tomsofficial, @saksofficial, and @officialsubway.

Another move is to reference what your business does, like @asosfashion, @hiltonhotels, or @glamourmag. Abbreviating also works. Think about how you can shorten your name like @natgeo while still retaining recognizability. However, you try to work around a taken username, run it through BrandSnag to quickly and easily see if it’s free.

Is a Good Snapchat Username Important for Your Business or Brand?

Gen Z is the largest generation in American history, making up 27% of the population.

Pretty soon, they’ll surpass Millennials in spending power. Your brand will need to be wherever they are to succeed – and millions are on Snapchat. That’s why it’s so crucial to start building your Snapchat presence with engaging content and strong, consistent branding.