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As a streamer, if you want to grow your channel, your Twitch username is of the utmost importance. A name that's chock full of signs and symbols will make it hard for people to find you. So you're better off choosing a Twitch name that's catchy, simple, and that reflects either who you are or what you want your persona to be.

But wait! Before you start building your Twitch brand, you need to make sure the username you've come up with isn't already taken by checking its availability on BrandSnag. The BrandSnag Twitch Username Checker will tell you right away if your chosen name is free to use. You can check as many names as you want to for free. You can also check a name's availability on different social channels. This would allow you to have the same username on Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter, for example.

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Tips for Finding a Creative Gaming Handle or Username

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Your Twitch handle will be your identity on the platform, and it will be how people find your channel. So it must be catchy. Consider the streamers, Dr. Lupo, Ninja, and Nickmercs. These names are short and memorable because they don't have a bunch of crazy upper and lowercase letters or any random numbers at the end.

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How to Check if Your Twitch Username is Available?

When you create your Twitch account, you'll be alerted right away if your username is available. However, to save you time and frustration, it's better to check ahead of time.

BrandSnag's Twitch Username Checker will tell you right away whether the name you've come up with is free to use. If the name you want is taken, you can try different variations until you find the one that works. It also lets you check your handle's availability on other social platforms. This is important because you want to have the same name across all social channels.

How Important is it to Have a Good Twitch Username?

As of February 2020, Twitch had 3 million monthly broadcasters and 15 million daily active users. In other words, this is a popular platform. For this reason, you need a Twitch handle that can stand out among the millions of other streamers. You also want a name that piques people's interest and tells people what to expect from your channel. This will help you gain followers and grow your brand.

Should Your Twitch Username be the Same as Your YouTube Name?

When building a brand, consistency is key. Having the same Twitch handle and YouTube username will ensure that people can easily find you on both platforms. Fortunately, BrandSnag's Name Checker tool makes it easy to check a name's availability on multiple platforms.

What Can You Do if Your Twitch Name is Not Available?

When creating your online presence, you must consider your social media presence. It's helpful if your name is the same across all the platforms you intend to use. This will ensure that people can find you easily.

If you already have a specific persona or username across multiple platforms, you'll need to make some changes to your Twitch name. This could mean adding a prefix, shortening your name, or using a nickname. For instance, if your brand name is Mike Mania, you could make it MikeyMania.

However, if you're embarking on an entirely new endeavor, pick something available on all the channels you'll want to use. It will be of great help when you blow up!