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What’s in a name, anyway?

Imagine an easy-to-use platform that helps you create an original and unique online presentation of your personality or business. A tool as simple as it is powerful. A tool made just for you.

BrandSnag was created to help users like you show the online world what makes you – you. Our mission is to help every user (like you!) easily research, compare, and choose the best name for their online persona.

That means we help personalities, brands, and businesses stand out in the crowd of the digital world and online marketplace. How? We check domain names, social media handles, and online gaming usernames to ensure that your username is unique, original, and perfectly you.

Our passion is your digital presence.
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We’re so invested in you and your personalized online presence that even if a name is already taken, we provide fun and creative alternatives that show the digital world everything you’re made of. BrandSnag also provides you with Tips and Tricks to find an alternative if your preferred name is taken, based on your personality, brand, and goals. knows that in the digital world, your name means everything. The name of your brand or the way you present yourself can transform the way your audience – and potential customers – see you.

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So, what makes BrandSnag unique?

We stand out to help you stand out. BrandSnag goes beyond basic name search tools to help our users craft an identity online that feels true to their personal and professional goals. Creating a business? We can help. Ready to conquer social media? So are we. Need a gaming username that’s punchy, witty, or nerdy? You’re in the right place.

At BrandSnag, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect name to showcase your brand, business, or personality to the world. That’s why we’ve created a simple, easy-to-use platform that helps you choose the best name to conquer the digital world.

Our free tool is easy to use and gives you fast results. We check multiple platforms for name availability on your favorite platforms to help you create a memorable online identity.

Domain Name Checker & Availability Search


At BrandSnag, we want to help you choose an original name for your digital presence that represents your personal flair or business products and services. Our tool helps you do just that.


First, we check your desired domain name against domain names that already exist. If it’s available, we connect you with the folks to make it happen and claim your online space.


Is your desired website domain name already taken? No problem! BrandSnag provides tips and strategies based on your goals to help you come up with the perfect name for your business, brand, or personality.

Social Media Username & Social Media Handle Checker

BrandSnag helps you stand out on social media with original name suggestions that get you posting in no time. We even provide tips and tricks to choosing the perfect social media handle, like handles that are in line with your brand and consistent across all the platforms that you’re active on.

In a world where most people are online with at least one social media account, BrandSnag helps you blaze your own trail on social media. We check handles and usernames on every social media channel, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, Pinterest, and more!

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Gaming Username & Twitch Username Availability Checker

At BrandSnag, we take gaming as seriously as you do. We help the players play by bringing their best avatar forward into the gaming world. We’re committed to helping you become a confident and original player online. We help you create an identity that is true to your gaming style and personality.

Join your gaming community with a unique and original username that’s tailored to your gaming style and strengths. BrandSnag helps you chose a username that will be remembered by your teammates – and opponents.

Need more reasons to level up your name choice? You’ll also save time with BrandSnag’s quick and simple search that filters through the fantasy world of your choice. If your name has been taken (darn, we hate that!), we provide you with tips to find an awesome substitute.

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  • BrandSnag quickly searches your name’s availability across several platforms, channels, and domains to help you craft an original online identity for your brand or personality
    And there’s more: if your desired username isn’t available, we provide tips and techniques of creating unique name so that you can join the online world with a creative flair.