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Trying to think of a great username? It may seem like an easy task. No one understands who you are and what you're all about better than you do. But once you get going, you might find that finding the perfect username is a little trickier than you once thought.

For starters, you'll need to come up with something memorable. Something that stays in people's brains and represents who you are. Hitting both of those criteria in just a few characters is only the first step, however. Next, you'll need to make sure that the username is available.

That's where BrandSnag comes in. BrandSnag's easy-to-use search tool can help you generate usernames, then check multiple social media platforms at once to see if they're available.

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What is a Username?

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A username is a unique identifier that represents who you are online.

On any given platform, portal, or website, every user is required to create a username that's distinct from other usernames. It could be some variation of your real name. Or, if you're looking to secure a private account online, you might want to go with something a little more unexpected. You can also experiment with creative usernames that really capture people's attention if you're an influencer or a brand.

Usernames can also be referred to as logins, handles, user IDs, or nicknames. It all depends on where you are online. Whatever it's called and wherever you find yourself, the goal is always the same – a virtual label that's unique to you.

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Why Use BrandSnag's Username Creator?

If you're looking for a username for a private online account, the randomer, the better.

Just using your first name and last name could put your account at risk. Thinking of something discrete is a lot more secure but a bit of a tougher task.

On the opposite end, you might be looking for a unique username for an open online account like Twitter or Instagram. This can be difficult as well. These platforms have millions of accounts, meaning the name you want might be taken.

BrandSnag's User name generator can help you overcome these challenges by offering up usernames you might not have considered. It's a great tool to help spark new ideas and save you time.

BrandSnag's Name Generator Advantages


BrandSnag's Username Generator is 100% free to use for all our users.


Don't waste time brainstorming. It's fun, fast, and easy to look for new usernames on BrandSnag.


Every name we generate is available as a domain name and username across multiple platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, and YouTube.

What are Some Cool Username Ideas?

Some usernames tell people what your page is all about in just a few characters.

A username like apartmenttherapy, for example, immediately signals a home décor page. You could also go with something a little funnier to cue a meme or humor page. Think usernames like diet_prada, or girlwithnojob. To create a bit of intrigue, you might want to explore something vague like coyoteflowers or dirtydisco.

Tips for Username Ideas

Easy to find and easy to remember.

If you're looking to get discovered on social media, that's the name of the game when it comes to usernames. Ideally, you'll want something short with as few special characters as possible. You'll also want something connected to your brand, whether personal or professional. So keep the spelling simple, and make sure your username is as consistent as possible across multiple platforms for optimal brand recall.