200+ Retail Business Names & Ideas

Looking for an idea for your Retail Store's Name? BrandSnag has your back! Learn the best practices for naming your business along with 200+ retail business name ideas.

Looking for an idea for your Retail Store's Name? BrandSnag has your back! Learn the best practices for naming your business along with 200+ retail business name ideas.

A good business name is crucial for your company's success. It's the first thing visitors see, and it's the last thing they'll remember when they leave. With the right name, you'll stand out from the competition and secure your place as a significant player within your industry. For brick-and-mortar locations, your business name needs to attract potential customers. It needs to highlight your products or services while being personable. Many studies suggest small business growth will climb 60% in the next 12 months; getting your business running is an essential first step.

Global predictions predict that retail sales are expected to increase by 7.2%, significantly increasing the previous sales totals of $570.6 billion in the United States, making a memorable business name all the more critical. After all, a customer can't return if they can't remember who you are. If you're trying to figure out how to come up with a retail business name that will surpass all expectations, look no further. Here's the ultimate guide to naming your business and finally committing to the best option for your industry.

Best Practices to Name your Retail Store

Best Practices to Name your Retail Store.jpg

Naming your business isn't as simple as throwing a few words together. There are many different components to consider, from your products or services to your target audience. Here's everything you need to know when naming your retail store.

Understand your Customers

Before naming your business, you'll want to identify the person you're selling to. Start by defining every component about them. List the physical attributes of your target audience, whether that's gender, age, or physical health. Define their demographics too. Think about their income bracket, physical location (in close proximity to your retail location), and any barriers to purchasing they might have.

Is your ideal customer a homeowner or a renter? Do they have children? Are they gainfully employed? What kind of transportation do they use? The more detailed your customer portfolio is, the better understanding you'll have for naming your business.

Play with Words

Start by brainstorming any relevant keywords or terms connected with your business. They don't have to be the final decision, but you want to list as many options as possible when first starting the process. Consider any jargon, phrases, or popular products that you offer. Once you have a list of different options, start thinking of catchy, trendy, and original names.

To get started, pick one of the words from your list and connect it to any others that seem to blend well. Stick with names that indicate your target audience but aren't restrictive. Lookup any adjectives and synonyms that tie in with your words or phrases and add them to your list of potential options.

Do a Trademark Search

There's nothing worse than deciding on a business name, creating a brand, only to discover that another individual holds the trademark. Running a trademark search isn't just a formality; it's a crucial business decision. Naming your business after a trademarked brand could wind your company in hot water—other cost business owners expensive fines and legal fees. It's always a wise idea to run the trademark search before committing to a name.

Check if the Domain Name is Available

A business name is only a good option if the domain is available. While you might be starting a retail location, many visitors search online before ever stepping foot in a physical place. Having a streamlined web presence that matches your business name is critical for your long-term success. Always use a domain name checker before committing to a business name. You'll find out whether your company name is available for purchase or if someone else already owns a vital piece of your brand.

Check if Social Media Usernames and Handles are Available

As your domain is essential to your company's brand, social media is becoming an increasingly important component of an online presence. Before committing to a business name, always take a few moments to review available handles across social media platforms on BrandSnag. Our website brings all available (or taken) social media names in one convenient location.

If your company name isn't available, consider slight variations across all networks. For example, having a domain name that matches your business name is essential, but having matching social media handles that are slightly different than the domain isn't going to destroy your marketing.

Avoid Hard to Spell Names

A business needs to grow organically, making word of mouth a vital component. If your business name is difficult to pronounce, you're limiting your audience. Always choose a name that is simple and easy to say. Avoid complex spelling or acronyms in the title. Likewise, avoid mixing numbers or symbols within the name. These include the number 2, interchanging the word 'at' with the symbol @, or other variations.

Do Not Limit Your Retail Business' Growth Because of The Name

Many small businesses want to identify the products they sell to the point of limiting any growth moving forward. Business owners want to consider their company now and later. Will you be selling the same products in 10 years as you are today? What if you decide to branch out to different services or products in the future?

Should someone name their business "Joe's Necklaces," it significantly limits any future growth in the future. Alternatively, calling the company "Joe's Jewelry" allows future growth and change while focusing on necklaces in the immediate future.

Get Feedback About Your Retail Business' Name

There's nothing worse than falling in love with a name that everyone else thinks is terrible. While you need to like the company name, it's important to ask other people about your business name before committing. Talk to a few friends and family about the name you've chosen and listen to any feedback. Are there any acronyms you haven't considered with the name? What about unfortunate rhymes that match the company title? If you're willing to hear constructive criticism, ask your target audience about their thoughts on the name too.

Retail Business Name Ideas

Here are some great ideas that might just help spark an idea in your head when it comes to naming your retail store.

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Grocery Stores

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Grocery Stores.jpg

  • Aisle of Harvest
  • Bag 'N Save
  • Basket Me Over
  • Bender's Bounty
  • Bite of Boerne
  • Blooming Grocer
  • Brookshire's
  • Butterfly Grocery
  • Cabin Creek Mercantile
  • Canyon Market
  • Central Market
  • City Foods
  • Community Food Co-op
  • Country Fare Grocery Stores
  • Dandy Lion Grocery & Deli
  • David's Country Market
  • Dawn's Health Foods
  • Deli Delicious
  • Eco Farmacy
  • El Mercado
  • Family Fare Grocery Stores
  • Farmstead Market
  • Fiesta Mart
  • Food for Thought
  • Food Lion Grocery Stores
  • Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market
  • Garden Groceries
  • Gateway to India Grocery
  • Gift of the Heart
  • Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
  • Hannah's Harvest Health Foods
  • Harvest Health Foods & More
  • H-E-B Grocery Company
  • Henry's Farmers Markets
  • Hill Country Harvest
  • Hill Country Natural Foods
  • Jeff's Grocery
  • Just Good Stuff
  • Lone Star Mercantile
  • Mama Fu's Asian Bistro
  • Market Street Grocery
  • Martin's Food Markets
  • Maxi Foods
  • Mayfair Farms
  • The Bountiful Pantry
  • The Cracked Pepper
  • The Dirty Apron
  • The Gathering Place
  • The Hilltop General Store & Café
  • The Local Market

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Clothing Stores

Retail Business Name Ideas.jpg

  • Amor Fashion
  • Angela's Bridal
  • Back to Basics
  • Bargain Bags
  • Bebe
  • Belleza Boutique
  • Betty Lou's Fine Apparel
  • Bill Blass for Women
  • Blue Velvet
  • Blush Boutique
  • Boutique Bella Vita
  • B'Walk Boutique
  • C.J. Banks Clothier & Custom Clothing for Men and Boys
  • Captain Tony's Unisex Casual Wear
  • Classy Woman Clothes
  • Clothes Mentor
  • Club Room
  • Coach at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Colette's Casual Boutique
  • Colors by Santa Fe
  • Cottonwood Creek Clothing for Women and Girls
  • Creatures of Comfort
  • Dose of Colors General Store
  • Envy Fashion Lounge & Formalwear for Men and Women
  • Eve of Milady Clothing Line for Ladies and Girls
  • Fabulous Fifties Plus Size Fashion Stores
  • Fashion by Lisa
  • Fiesta Woman
  • First Street
  • Flirt!
  • For Her and For Him
  • Francescas
  • Fresh Produce Clothing
  • Gap
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Clothing Stores
  • Gloria's Boutique
  • Golda's Girls
  • Grace and Lace Lingerie
  • Great Expectations Formal Wear for Men and Women
  • Heels and Jeans
  • JB Huntress
  • Jenny's Dress Shop
  • Just My Size
  • Kaneesha
  • Karen Kane
  • Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.
  • Kimchi Boutique
  • Ladies & Gentlemen Men's Clothing Store
  • Latitude 33 Women's Clothing Store
  • The Girlfriend Collection

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Hardware Stores

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Hardware Stores.jpg

  • All Trade Supply
  • Arnold Lumber & Hardware
  • B&H True Value Hardware Stores
  • Beaumont Building Supply
  • Belmont Ace Hardware Stores
  • Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop
  • Best Handyman Services
  • Broadway Hardware Stores
  • Buckhorn Ace Hardware Stores
  • Builders Center
  • Builder's Square
  • Builders Surplus
  • Builders Yard
  • Bullock's Building Supply
  • Casters Hardware Store
  • Cen-Tex Hardware & Supply Company
  • Central Ace Hardware Stores
  • Century Ace Hardware Stores
  • Charles Hankins Home Center, Inc.
  • Clamshell Hardware Stores
  • Crest Builders Supply
  • Handy Hardware Stores
  • Hardwrench
  • Homecare Building Supply
  • Homer's Lumber Center
  • Jack's True Value Hardware
  • Laughing Lumber
  • Lowe's
  • Martin's Hardware
  • Maxim Ace Hardware Stores
  • Menard, Inc.
  • Modern Builders Supply
  • Mr. Handyman
  • Neighborhood Hardware Stores
  • O'Brien Ace Hardware
  • Paint Place Hardware Store
  • Pioneer Millworks & Hardware
  • R&R True Value Hardware
  • Sherwin-Williams Paint Store
  • Sloan's Do-It-Center
  • The DIY Guys
  • The Lee Company
  • The Outback Rake House
  • True Depot
  • Valley Ace Hardware Stores
  • Van Kampen's Hardware
  • Weaver's Lumber & Hardware
  • West Coast Hardware
  • Woodcraft
  • Yardbirds Hardware
  • Yardworks Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Your Break It You Fix It

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Electronic Stores

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for Electronic Stores.jpg

  • Cyber Cafe
  • Cyber Station
  • e-Central Plaza Mall and Beyond
  • Electro World Market
  • Electron Town Mall and Beyond
  • Electronics City Inc.
  • e-Topia
  • E-Zone
  • eZone Hub
  • Gadget Junkies Online Store
  • Gadget Market
  • Gadget Shop
  • Game Fusion World
  • Game House
  • Game World
  • Geek Central Station
  • Geek Heaven
  • Geek Land
  • Geek Mall 2.0
  • Geek 'n Chic Boutique
  • Geek Paradise
  • Geek World
  • Geek'n Chic Boutique
  • Geeks 'n' Chic
  • Geek's Paradise
  • Hot PC Gadgets and More
  • House of Beats and Phones
  • House of Electronic Wonders and Gems
  • I D Zone
  • iCandy Electronics and More
  • iD Tech Store
  • iElectronics Store and World
  • iTech Store
  • iZone Perfect Gifts
  • MAC House
  • Mac Shack
  • PC Paradise
  • PC Shack
  • Pixel Cyber Cafe
  • Pix'elated
  • Planet of Technology and Gadgets
  • Tech Cribs Inc.
  • Tech to Go
  • Tecno Cyber Station
  • Tecno Fortress
  • The Best in Gadgets and More
  • The House of Electronics and Gadgets
  • The PC Emporium
  • The Tech Shack
  • Your PC Mall Inc.
  • Your Personal Computer Store

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for General Stores

50 Retail Business Name Ideas for General Stores.jpg

  • ABC Grocery
  • American General Store
  • Apple Blossom Mercantile
  • Art's Variety Store
  • Bargain Junction
  • Beacon's General Store
  • Belle's Mercantile
  • Butterfly Emporium
  • Camellia's Curiosities
  • Charles' Department Store
  • Cloverleaf Mercantile
  • Cornucopia of Goods
  • Country Charm General Store
  • Dayspring Mercantile
  • Depot Drug and Variety
  • Eagle Eye Trading Post
  • Emerald Isle Emporium
  • Emmaline's Mercantile
  • Fiddlehead Farms Trading Post
  • Franks General Store
  • Frosty's Trading Post
  • General Goods, Inc.
  • Grandma Daisy's General Store
  • Green Acres Mercantile
  • Heartland General Store
  • Hillbilly Hideaway Trading Post & Grocery
  • Hoosier Emporium Mercantile Co.
  • Ike's General Goods and Feeds
  • Last Tackle Shop
  • Lazy H Trading Post
  • Lindy Jane's General Store & More
  • Marketplace Mercantile
  • Molly's Variety Store
  • Pepper's General Store and Feed Mill
  • Plain Jane Trading Company
  • Rainbow Retail Shoppe, Inc.
  • Rural Retreat General Store
  • Shepherd's Market
  • Small Town Mercantile
  • Sparkle's Variety & Gifts
  • St. Nick's General Store
  • The County Line Mercantile
  • The Junk Shack! Hobbies & Collectables
  • The Stingy Hangdog Trading Post and Curiosities Emporium
  • Thein' Hole General Store
  • Tin Can Joes, Inc.- A General Store Unlike Any Other
  • Trading Post Etc.
  • Trading Post Grocery & Gifts Inc.
  • Unpainted Shelf
  • Village General Store
  • Whistlin' Dixie Value Stores Co.

The Bottom Line

While getting your retail business launched is an exciting moment for any entrepreneur, taking the time to consider all aspects of your business name is essential. Not only does your business name have to reflect your brand, but it also needs to reflect your target audience and the image you'd like to project. By slowing down the process a small amount, you'll be able to get the perfect name for your company without the headaches that follow an impulsive decision. Following these steps can help protect your business's growth and overall success, both now and in the future.

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