How to Sell on Pinterest in 2024

Do you want to start selling on Pinterest? Here's our Ultimate Guide on How to Sell on Pinterest - The Right Way! So, come on in and give it a shot today.

Ready to turn your graphics into sales? Pinterest is a platform where your products meet their future fans. Dip into our guide and discover how to use Pinterest's unique visual search engine to your advantage. With its laser-focused targeting, you're not just reaching anyone—you're connecting with people who are already looking for what you've got. Let's make every pin count and watch those conversion numbers climb.

Why You Should Sell on Pinterest

Why You Should Sell on Pinterest

If you're not selling on Pinterest yet, you're missing out. It's a visual search engine ripe for businesses. Here's why.

  • First, Pinterest stands out for its visual appeal. Visualize a place where your products don't just sit; they shine. Users flock here for inspiration, making it the perfect spot for your items to catch eyes.
  • Second, the platform's targeting for ads is razor-sharp. You can reach people who are already looking for what you offer, boosting your chances of making a sale. It's like being able to place your product directly in the hands of interested customers.
  • Third, consider this: Pinterest users spend more. A lot more. With shopping baskets 85% larger than on other platforms, the potential for higher sales is right there. Plus, with Rich Pins, you can showcase your products' prices and availability upfront, enticing users even further.
  • Fourth, Pinterest provides valuable insights. With a business account, you'll understand what content clicks with your audience, helping you refine your strategy and drive more traffic.
  • Fifth, don't overlook the demographics. With a significant number of users having disposable income and a broadening gender and age reach, your audience on Pinterest is diverse and ready to spend.
  • Sixth, the longevity of content on Pinterest means your effort today continues to pay off tomorrow. Once pinned, your content stays visible, continuously driving traffic and leads.
  • Lastly, Pinterest's e-commerce-friendly ecosystem, including the verified merchant tag and advanced analytics, supports brands in optimizing their marketing efforts. Plus, its support for an omnichannel marketing approach ensures your brand can engage users across multiple touchpoints.
    In short, Pinterest offers a unique blend of visibility, targeted reach, and analytical insights, making it an invaluable platform for selling your products. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Brands Who Leverage Pinterest

Brands Who Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where brands can truly shine by connecting with their audience in meaningful and visually appealing ways. Here's how Whole Foods Market, Airbnb, and Samsung have mastered the art of pinning to captivate and engage.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

By utilizing rich pins, Whole Foods goes beyond mere product promotion. Envision finding a pin of a mouth-watering dish and immediately getting the recipe, learning about the ingredients' availability, and even being directed to their blog for more culinary exploration. With over 3.1 million monthly views and nearly half a million followers, Whole Foods demonstrates that providing value through rich pins can significantly amplify brand awareness and drive traffic directly to their site. It's a feast for the eyes and the stomach, all at your fingertips.

Airbnb: A World of Travel at Your Pin Tips

Airbnb: A World of Travel at Your Pin Tips

Airbnb transforms Pinterest boards into gateways to the world. With more than 10 million monthly views and over 165 thousand followers, Airbnb crafts a visual travel diary that beckons you to explore. Each pin is a window to a new destination, complete with travel tips and ideas, all enriched with strategic keywords and hashtags to boost discoverability. This is about building a community of travelers inspired by breathtaking visuals and the promise of adventure. Airbnb's Pinterest presence is a masterclass in using content to inspire action and foster a sense of belonging among globetrotters.

Samsung: Innovating Lifestyle Inspiration

Samsung: Innovating Lifestyle Inspiration

Samsung understands that Pinterest users are looking for lifestyle and design ideas, not just product specs. By shifting their focus to appliances and home inspiration, Samsung tailors its Pinterest strategy to match the platform's unique audience. This strategic pivot from their Instagram content, which emphasizes phones, underscores the importance of platform-specific content. Samsung's Pinterest boards are filled with design inspirations and innovative home solutions, making their pins not just relevant but genuinely engaging for those dreaming of a tech-savvy home. It's a smart move that highlights the versatility of their products in real-life settings.

Preparing Your Brand or Business for Pinterest

Preparing Your Brand or Business for Pinterest

Getting your brand Pinterest-ready involves much more than simply checking off boxes. It's about laying a solid foundation for your digital presence. Here's a detailed walkthrough to ensure you're ready and poised to make an impactful entrance on Pinterest.

Determine Your Target Audience

First up, let's talk about who you're aiming to reach. Pinterest is a treasure trove of interested buyers, DIY enthusiasts, and idea-seekers. The trick is to pinpoint who, among this mixed crowd, is most likely to be drawn to your offerings. Think about their interests, their habits on the platform, and how your products or services fit into their Pinterest activities. This insight will shape everything from your pins to your marketing strategy.

Set Up a Business Account

Next, moving your brand onto Pinterest starts with setting up a business account. This is your gateway to Pinterest's rich suite of marketing tools, analytics, and advertising options. Transitioning to a business account is easy and unlocks a new level of interaction with your potential customers. Plus, it's free, so you're gaining a wealth of resources without dipping into your budget.

Brand Your Account

Now, let's infuse your brand's personality into your Pinterest presence. Your account should be a direct reflection of your brand's aesthetic and ethos. Choose a profile picture that resonates with your brand identity, craft a bio that succinctly tells your story, and ensure your boards and pins visually align with your brand's style. This visual and textual coherence will make your brand memorable and engaging to Pinterest users.

Link and Verify Your Website

Finally, don't skip on linking and verifying your website. This step is important for a couple of reasons. It not only boosts your credibility on the platform but also drives Pinterest users directly to your website, bridging the gap between browsing and buying. Verification adds that little checkmark to your profile, reassuring users that you're a trustworthy source.

How to Sell on Pinterest

Selling on Pinterest requires a strategic approach that combines stunning visuals, smart SEO, and engaging content. Here's how you can turn Pinterest into a powerful sales channel for your brand.

Elevate Your Visual Game

First things first, your visuals need to grab attention. High-quality photos and graphics that resonate with your brand identity are non-negotiable. Think vibrant colors and clear, legible fonts. Remember, professional images that show your products in action can significantly boost their appeal. Make every pin count by ensuring it's perfectly sized and styled for Pinterest.

  • Example: Consider a home decor brand using high-resolution images of styled living rooms that highlight their products. Each image is edited to enhance the colors and details, ensuring they pop against Pinterest's white background. The brand uses a consistent filter across all images to maintain a cohesive look.

Master Pinterest SEO

Visibility is key. Enhance your pins' discoverability by incorporating relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and image alt texts. Tailor your content to match what your audience is searching for, making it easier for them to find you among the sea of pins.

  • Example: A gourmet cookie company researches popular search terms like "holiday baking ideas" and "gluten-free cookie recipes." They incorporate these keywords into their pin titles and descriptions, making their delicious cookie recipes more discoverable to Pinterest users looking for baking inspiration.

Activate Rich Pins for Enhanced Information

Rich Pins are a game-changer. By pulling in extra information from your site—like prices and product details—they give users everything they need to know right on Pinterest. Make sure your website is claimed and set up for Rich Pins to leverage this powerful feature.

  • Example: An online bookstore uses Rich Pins to display the latest novels' prices and availability directly on their pins. When a new bestseller is added to their website, the Rich Pin automatically updates with this information on Pinterest, enticing book lovers to click through and make a purchase.

Boost Visibility with Promoted Pins

Invest in visibility with Promoted Pins. Targeting specific user demographics and interests, these paid ads can put your products front and center, right where your potential buyers are looking. It's an effective way to boost sales and ensure your pins don't get lost in the crowd.

  • Example: A fitness apparel brand launches a new line of yoga pants and decides to use Promoted Pins to reach their target audience. They target women aged 20-35 who have shown an interest in yoga and wellness. The campaign features eye-catching images of the yoga pants in various poses, significantly increasing website traffic and sales.

Simplify Shopping with Catalogs

Make shopping easy. Organize your products into catalogs to create a seamless browsing experience. This requires setting up a product feed on Pinterest, but the effort is well worth it, making your profile a one-stop shop for eager buyers.

  • Example: A jewelry brand uploads its entire product feed to Pinterest, organizing its offerings into catalogs by category: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. This allows Pinterest users to browse their collection easily, making it simpler to find and shop for the perfect accessory.

Innovate with Shop the Look Tags

For brands in fashion or home decor, Shop the Look Pins are invaluable. Tagging products in your images simplifies the shopping process, allowing users to buy directly from lifestyle shots. It's a direct bridge from inspiration to purchase.

  • Example: A fashion retailer tags each item in their lifestyle pins: a summer dress, sunglasses, and sandals. Users interested in the look can tap on the tags to shop the products directly, streamlining the path from inspiration to purchase.

Harness the Power of User-generated Content

Build trust through authenticity. User-generated content showcases real people loving your products, enhancing credibility and enticing potential customers. Whether it's through Shop the Look Pins or promoted posts, UGC can elevate your brand's presence on Pinterest.

  • Example: A beauty brand encourages customers to share their makeup looks using its products on Instagram. The brand then repins these user-generated images to their Pinterest boards, tagging the featured products. This showcases real-life applications of their makeup and builds community and trust among potential customers.

Drive Engagement Through Content Marketing

Finally, don't underestimate the power of content marketing. Share engaging blog posts, tutorials, and guides to draw users in. This not only boosts engagement but also drives traffic back to your site, opening up more opportunities for conversion.

  • Example: A DIY home improvement blog creates a series of "How to" guides for simple renovations and decor projects. They pin each guide with compelling images and helpful tips, driving Pinterest users to their website for full tutorials. This strategy not only positions them as a go-to resource for home improvement but also increases their site's traffic and engagement.

The Bottom Line

Leveraging Pinterest for business transcends traditional marketing, blending compelling visuals and strategic SEO to captivate a targeted audience. Success stories from leading brands demonstrate the platform's efficacy in driving engagement and sales. By utilizing Pinterest's unique features, businesses can seriously enhance their digital presence and conversion rates, making every pin a strategic opportunity for growth.