Hawaii Secretary of State Business Name Search

If you're conducting a business name search in Hawaii, here is your on-stop guide! Let's make your business requirements easy to navigate.

If you're on the hunt for details about a business registered in Hawaii, here's a guide to get you through the process without any hassle.

Getting Started: Find the Search Page

Getting Started - Find the Search Page

Your first stop is the official Hawaii Business Entity Search Page. This is part of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs' website. Here, they've got a database loaded with info on every registered business entity in Hawaii, ready for you to explore.

Set Your Search Criteria

Set Your Search Criteria

Once you're on the search page, you'll notice a couple of ways to narrow down your hunt. Most folks go straight for the "search by name" option, which lets you look up businesses without needing to include designations like "LLC," "Corp," etc. The system is smart enough to pull up all related entities regardless. You can tweak your search further by choosing to find names that either "begin with" or "contain" your specified words.

Browse the Search Results

Browse the Search Results

After you hit search, you'll see a table pop up with all the matching entries. This table's going to show you the basics: business name, record type, file number, and current status. If you've got a lot of results, you can use the sorting options to help you sift through them more efficiently.

Get Business Details

Get Business Details

When a particular business catches your eye, click on its name for more info. This takes you to a page loaded with details like the entity's status, contact info, and other key bits like the trade name, file number, certificate number, and more. If you need, you can also snag forms or documents related to the business here.

Explore Additional Services

Explore Additional Services

For those of you needing a bit more, the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs offers extra services. This includes filing annual reports, registering a business, getting a certificate of good standing, or buying other documents. Handy for more specific tasks or deeper dives into a business's background.

Just a heads-up: while this search will give you a ton of info on Hawaii-registered businesses, it won't tell you if a business name or trademark is up for grabs. So, if you're thinking about setting up shop with a specific name, double-check its availability with the Business Registration Division first.

What Information Do You Need for a Hawaii Business Search?

What Information Do You Need for a Hawaii Business Search

To get started, you'll need a bit of info on hand. First off, the business name is key. This is the anchor of your search. Whether you've got just the beginning of the name or a part of it, you can search for businesses that match what you're looking for.

Now, when you're setting up your search, you've got options. You can choose to look up businesses with names that either "begin with" or "contain" your search phrase. It's a helpful feature if you're not sure of the exact name of the business you're after.

Optionally, if you're interested in finding businesses connected to a certain registered agent, you can throw in the name of that agent. It's a neat trick for getting a list of all the businesses that person represents in Hawaii.

What will you find once you hit search? The basics, but they're pretty important. You'll see the trade name, file and certificate numbers, and the current status of the business. You'll also get a glimpse into the purpose and category of the business, alongside its registration and expiration dates. Plus, there are the nuts and bolts like the mailing address, registrant agent name, and agent address.

Must-Know Facts About Businesses in Hawaii

Must-Know Facts About Businesses in Hawaii

Economic Trends in Hawaii & Understanding Growth Forecasts

The economy in Hawaii has been giving us some mixed signals lately, and it's worth taking a closer look. At first, the folks at the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT) were feeling pretty good about things, predicting a 1.5% bump in real GDP for 2024. They even thought growth would increase a bit each year all the way through 2027.

However, life threw a curveball in the form of the Maui wildfires, which hit harder than anyone expected. Because of this, the forecast for 2024 got dialed back a bit to a 1.3% growth rate. It might not seem like a huge change, but when you think about how the estimate for 2023 actually went up to 1.9%, it's clear these numbers are more than just digits on a page.

Then, just when things seemed set, the first quarter of 2024 brought some unexpectedly good news. This led to the 2024 growth rate being adjusted back up to 1.5%. The future looks a bit steadier now, with a 2.0% growth rate expected annually from 2025 to 2027.

So, what does this all mean for you? Whether you're running a business, thinking about where to put your money, or simply keeping tabs on Hawaii's economic pulse, these ups and downs show how important it is to stay flexible and cautiously optimistic. The path forward looks positive, but it's clear that unexpected events, like natural disasters, can quickly shift economic forecasts. Keeping an eye on these changes is key to navigating the uncertainties of Hawaii's economy.

Tourism's Role in Hawaii's Economy

Tourism is a big deal in Hawaii, accounting for about a quarter of the state's entire economy. Just to put things into perspective, in March 2023, Hawaii welcomed 900,800 visitors who spent $1.84 billion. That's a significant impact from beach outings, hotel bookings, and cultural celebrations. Looking forward, the expectation is for around 9.8 million visitors in 2024, with spending predicted to increase by 2.2% over the year. This upward trend seems set to continue, suggesting a bright future for Hawaii's tourism sector.

But it's not all sunshine and smooth sailing. The Maui wildfires were a harsh reminder of how quickly things can change. After the fires, tourism in Maui County took a serious hit, with visitor numbers dropping by 41.4% and spending decreasing by 31.3% in the last five months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. These figures point out the risks of leaning too heavily on tourism.

For those watching Hawaii's economic situation or involved in the tourism industry, these stats underline the need for being resilient and adaptable. Despite a generally positive forecast for tourism, the impact of the Maui wildfires is a wake-up call to the importance of having plans in place for unforeseen setbacks. If you're involved in travel, hospitality, or just keen on Hawaii's economic health, staying well-informed and flexible is crucial for dealing with the dynamic nature of the tourism industry.

The Current Pulse: Labor and Business in Hawaii

The business community in Hawaii is feeling pretty hopeful about the year ahead. According to the Hawaii Business Trends Survey, more than half of the state's executives (51.5%, to be exact) are anticipating the U.S. economy to stabilize and are expecting to see a rise in sales and revenue. Yet, it's not without its hurdles. They're currently grappling with significant issues, including cybersecurity threats and the ongoing struggle to find and keep talented employees.

Looking at employment gives us a clearer picture of Hawaii's economic health. In 2023, businesses across the state employed a total of 748,773 people, with tourism, construction, and healthcare leading the charge in job creation. These sectors are vital cogs in Hawaii's economic machine. However, there's a twist in the narrative when you dig a bit deeper into the job market. The U-6 rate, which gives us a broader view of job market health by including those who are underemployed or only marginally connected to the workforce, was at 6.1% for Hawaii in 2023. This number shows that, despite the job opportunities, there are still challenges in fully utilizing the available workforce.

Business Trends and Strategies in Hawaii: A 2024 Forecast

In 2024, Hawaii's business leaders are feeling pretty good about the future. The Hawaii Employers Council's National Business Trends Survey reveals that a lot of them are expecting the economy to grow. Their game plan? They're planning to raise wages, dive deeper into artificial intelligence, and pour more money into new tech and data security. These steps show they're not just optimistic but also ready to tackle the changing demands of the business world.

On another note, Hawaii Business Magazine's Industry Outlook for 2023 highlights some interesting trends in the local scene. For example, coworking spaces are becoming more popular, reflecting changes in where and how people work. Plus, finding and keeping skilled workers continues to be a major challenge. This is true across many sectors, highlighting a broad need for better training and development, especially in specialized areas like dentistry and human resources.