200 Tech Company Names & Name Ideas

If you're starting a tech company and need inspiration, find 200 tech company name ideas at BrandSnag + Tips for coming up with great names yourself!

Research indicates that it takes only 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about a website. This rapid judgment highlights the critical need for a cohesive brand identity. A strong first impression starts with an impactful name. Discover the best 200 Tech Company Names & Name Ideas to ensure your brand stands out.

Why Your Tech Company Name Matters

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The success and longevity of a tech company can be greatly influenced by its name. With only 10% of startups surviving beyond three years, the importance of a strong, memorable name becomes evident. Here are key factors explaining why your tech company name matters:

Success Rates and Brand Establishment

A strong name helps establish a brand in a competitive market. Startups with names that resonate with their target audience and reflect their values are more likely to succeed. A memorable name can contribute to brand recognition, which is essential for long-term survival and growth.

Naming Trends and Conventions

Naming trends among successful companies show varied strategies. A study of 150 companies revealed that:

  • 49% of names are based on existing words.
  • 37% are based on a person or proper noun.
  • 20% are portmanteaus.
  • 18% are invented words.
    For example, Microsoft is a portmanteau of "microcomputer" and "software," while Verizon is an invented word combining "veritas" (Latin for truth) and "horizon."

Myths About Naming

Common myths about naming can mislead new business owners.

  • Descriptive Names: While they can clarify the business's nature, they might limit future growth. Abstract or evocative names often provide more flexibility.
  • Short Names: Although easier to remember, the critical factor is that the name resonates with the audience and reflects the brand's values.

Real-World Examples

Examining established tech companies offers insights into effective naming strategies:

  • IBM: Originally "International Business Machines Corporation," the name reflects its broad scope and international reach.
  • Apple: Named after the Beatles' Apple Records, the name led to legal issues when Apple expanded into music.
  • Zappos: Initially "ShoeSite.com," the rebranding to Zappos, derived from "zapatos" (Spanish for shoes), allowed for broader brand expansion.

Research Insights

Studies emphasize the advantages of names that project positive values and are easy to pronounce and remember. According to Forbes, 90% of startups fail within three years, and a well-chosen name can help avoid being a barrier to success.

Resources for Naming

Books such as "How To Name Your Start-Up Venture" and "Hello, My Name Is Awesome" provide practical advice on creating memorable and effective brand names. These resources highlight the importance of a name that stands out and avoids common pitfalls.

Real-World Tech Company Name Examples and Their Origins

Understanding the origins of well-known tech company names provides insight into their brand identity and mission. Here are several examples:


Google's name is derived from "googol," a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. This term, coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner, in 1920, symbolizes the company's goal to organize vast amounts of web information. A typo during a domain name search led to the adoption of "Google" instead of "Googol," marking the beginning of Google Inc.


Jeff Bezos initially named his company "Cadabra" to evoke the magic of online shopping. After a misinterpretation of the name as "cadaver," he sought a new name that would appear early in alphabetical listings. He chose "Amazon," inspired by the world's largest river, reflecting his vision for the company to become the largest bookstore and eventually a vast online marketplace.


Microsoft's name is a combination of "microcomputer" and "software," coined by co-founder Paul Allen. Established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Allen, the name clearly indicated their focus on developing software for personal computers. Initially hyphenated as "Micro-Soft," it was later simplified to "Microsoft."


Twitter's name was chosen to capture the essence of the platform's short, real-time communication. Initially named "Status" or "Stat.us," the founders settled on "Twitter," which means "a short burst of inconsequential information" and "chirps from birds." The original form, "twttr," was inspired by the photo-sharing service Flickr and SMS short codes, but it was eventually modified to "Twitter" for simplicity.

Pulse Technology

Originally named Des Plaines Office Equipment, Pulse Technology was founded in 1955. Under the leadership of Chip Miceli, the company evolved from an office equipment supplier to a technology leader. The rebranding to "Pulse Technology" in 1986 emphasized the company's dynamic approach to innovation and technological advancement, with "Pulse" symbolizing energy and progress.

Tech Company Naming Strategies and Tips

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Choosing the right name for a tech company involves several strategic considerations to ensure it effectively represents the brand and supports long-term success. Here are key strategies and tips to consider:

Reflect Mission and Values

A company name should embody the mission and values of the business. For instance, EvoGates, which merges "evolution" and "gates," symbolically represents advanced security solutions. This approach ensures the name communicates the company's core objectives and aspirations.

Be Unique and Memorable

In a saturated market, a unique and memorable name is essential for differentiation. CurioByte Corporation, an AI-focused research and development firm, employs a name that evokes curiosity and innovation in technology. Such distinct names help companies establish a strong identity and remain memorable to their audience.

Avoid Literal Names

Literal names can restrict a company's growth and adaptability. As businesses evolve, their names should allow flexibility. For example, names like CompUSA and RadioShack have become less relevant over time. In contrast, abstract names like Amazon and Google offer broader applicability and adaptability.

Use Name Generators

Name generators, such as BrandSnag, can be a valuable tool for inspiration. These platforms help generate unique names that align with the company's vision and goals. Utilizing these resources can simplify the naming process and ensure the selected name is distinctive and relevant.

200 Tech Company Name Ideas

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20 Cool Tech Company Names

  • QuantumShift
  • Neuron Nexus
  • HyperDrive Systems
  • Vortex Innovations
  • FluxTech Solutions
  • Zenith Circuitry
  • Echelon Electronics
  • FusionWave Technologies
  • EchoSphere Labs
  • NovaLink Dynamics
  • StellarCircuits
  • ApexTech Innovations
  • PrimeWave Systems
  • FluxLab Innovations
  • QuantumPulse
  • AeroLink Technologies
  • SynapseSync Systems
  • HorizonFlow Tech
  • Celestial Circuitry
  • InfinityEdge Labs

20 Fake Tech Company Names

  • TechnoWizards Inc.
  • ByteMancer Solutions
  • CypherWorks Innovations
  • DataWyrm Enterprises
  • QuantumElves Tech
  • PixelPioneers Corp.
  • CodeSlingers Ltd.
  • Algorithm Alchemists
  • CircuitSmith Technologies
  • MegaBit Marvels
  • GizmoGremlins Inc.
  • GlitchGenies Tech
  • Silicon Sorcerers
  • Debugging Dragons
  • CodeCrusaders Ltd.
  • ByteBeast Innovations
  • DataDroids Enterprises
  • TechnoTrolls Inc.
  • QuantumQuokkas Tech
  • PixelPhantoms Corp.

20 Fashion Tech Company Names

  • ChicCircuit Technologies
  • StyleFusion Labs
  • GlamTech Innovations
  • TrendWave Systems
  • CoutureCode Solutions
  • VogueVolt Tech
  • Runway Robotics
  • FabricFusion Technologies
  • ModaMatrix Systems
  • EleganceEngine Labs
  • HauteTech Innovations
  • StyleSync Solutions
  • LuxeLab Technologies
  • TrendSet Tech
  • CoutureCircuitry
  • GlamWave Labs
  • FashionFusion Systems
  • VogueVision Tech
  • ChicCode Solutions
  • EleganceEdge Technologies

20 Funny Tech Company Names

  • Techy McTechface
  • Nerd Herd Solutions
  • Byte Me Innovations
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del Tech
  • Code Monkeys Inc.
  • Silicon Silliness
  • Data Doodles
  • GiggleBytes
  • QuirkTech Labs
  • Debugging Ducks
  • PixelPunks
  • TechnoTaco Solutions
  • Byte-Sized Fun
  • SillyCircuits Inc.
  • LOLTech Innovations
  • QuirkyCodes Ltd.
  • Glitchy Geeks
  • DataDorks
  • Nerdy Nonsense
  • Code Crackups

20 Best Tech Company Names

  • ApexTech Innovations
  • PrimeWave Systems
  • StellarCircuits
  • Vanguard Technologies
  • Pinnacle Systems
  • TitanTech Solutions
  • EliteCore Technologies
  • Ascend Innovations
  • CrownTech Systems
  • Summit Circuits
  • ZenithTech Innovations
  • Hyperion Tech Labs
  • NanoSphere Systems
  • QuantumLeap Technologies
  • BioFusion Innovations
  • StellarWave Solutions
  • Hyperion Innovations
  • InfinityTech Systems
  • OptiCore Technologies
  • VortexVision Labs

20 Creative Tech Company Names

  • KaleidoTech Innovations
  • DreamWeaver Systems
  • ImagineTech Labs
  • SparkWave Solutions
  • PixelPalace Technologies
  • InfinityCircuitry
  • NexusNurture Labs
  • FusionFrame Systems
  • QuantumQuill Technologies
  • HorizonForge Innovations
  • EnigmaTech Solutions
  • PrismWave Labs
  • EvoTech Creations
  • Innovista Technologies
  • FluxFusion Systems
  • CreativeCircuitry
  • InspireTech Labs
  • Catalyst Innovations
  • TechArtistry Solutions
  • RadiantWave Technologies

20 High Tech Company Names

  • NanoSphere Systems
  • QuantumLeap Technologies
  • BioFusion Innovations
  • StellarWave Solutions
  • Hyperion Tech Labs
  • InfinityTech Systems
  • Synapse Solutions
  • OptiCore Technologies
  • VortexVision Labs
  • ZenithTech Innovations
  • QuantumPulse
  • AeroLink Technologies
  • SynapseSync Systems
  • HorizonFlow Tech
  • Celestial Circuitry
  • InfinityEdge Labs
  • FusionWave Technologies
  • HyperDrive Systems
  • NovaLink Dynamics
  • Neuron Nexus

20 Tech Support Company Names

  • RapidResolve Support
  • TechSavvy Solutions
  • ByteAid Systems
  • NexGen Tech Support
  • SwiftFix Solutions
  • CircuitCare Support
  • ReliableTech Assistance
  • ProPulse Tech Support
  • GuardianTech Systems
  • SureConnect Support
  • PrimeSupport Solutions
  • TotalTech Aid
  • QuickFix Tech Support
  • StellarSupport Systems
  • PinnacleTech Help
  • EliteTech Assist
  • ApexSupport Services
  • SecureTech Aid
  • HyperSupport Solutions
  • ZenithSupport Systems

20 Tech Consulting Company Names

  • InsightTech Consultants
  • StratoTech Advisors
  • ElevateTech Consulting
  • Nexus Insights
  • ApexConsult Tech
  • VisionaryTech Advisors
  • QuantumEdge Consulting
  • PrismTech Solutions
  • StrategicCircuits Consulting
  • TechMentor Advisors
  • HorizonTech Consulting
  • ZenithConsult Solutions
  • PinnacleAdvisors Tech
  • StellarTech Consulting
  • InnovateTech Advisors
  • OptiConsult Tech
  • FusionConsult Solutions
  • SynapseConsult Advisors
  • NeuronConsult Tech
  • QuantumInsight Consulting

20 Weird Tech Company Names

  • TechnoSquid Systems
  • QuantumQuirk Labs
  • DataDodo Innovations
  • PixelPanda Tech
  • CypherSphinx Solutions
  • GlitchGoblin Technologies
  • ByteBizarre Systems
  • CircuitCthulhu Labs
  • NerdyNarwhal Tech
  • WackyWires Innovations
  • TechnoTroll Solutions
  • SiliconSquid Systems
  • QuantumQuokka Labs
  • DataDoodle Innovations
  • PixelPlatypus Tech
  • GlitchGargoyle Solutions
  • ByteBanshee Systems
  • CircuitChimera Labs
  • NerdyNinja Tech
  • WackyWave Innovations