180+ Jewelry Store & Business Name Ideas

Need a jewelry store name? Get inspired and boost your brand with 180 creative and catchy ideas for your business.

Ever noticed how the jewelry market is absolutely booming? With a valuation of roughly $256 billion in 2021, this industry is on a fast track, aiming for a staggering $517.27 billion by 2030. That's a growth rate of 8.25% annually. So, if you're considering getting into this lucrative world with your own jewelry store or business, standing out is key. The name you choose can make all the difference. Let's get into some creative and catchy name ideas that could set the foundation for your brand's success.

Why Should Your Jewelry Store or Business Name be Perfect?

Why Should Your Jewelry Store or Business Name be Perfect

When someone mentions a brand, the first thing that pops into your head is the name, right? It's the heartbeat of your business, especially in the jewelry game.

First off, people love sharing good finds with their friends and family. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know. Imagine your jewelry store name being so memorable that it gets passed around like a favorite family recipe. That's gold for business. Plus, customers who come your way through a referral stick around 37% longer than others.

Then, there's the money talk. Consistency in your branding, which starts with a solid name, can boost your revenue by up to 20%. That's because a good name sticks, evoking positive feelings and images, making people feel like they're part of something special. It's your first handshake with potential customers and investors, laying down the foundation for recognition and trust.

In a nutshell, your jewelry store name does a lot more than just sit on a sign above the door. It's your brand's ambassador, making sure customers remember you, talk about you, and keep coming back for more. So, nailing that perfect name? It's essential for carving out your slice of the market and keeping your cash register ringing.

How to Come Up with a Good Jewelry Store or Business Name?

How to Come Up with a Good Jewelry Store or Business Name

Finding the perfect name for your jewelry business can be a game-changer. Here's how to nail it:

Be On Brand

Make sure your name fits seamlessly with your brand image. This includes everything from your logo and color scheme to your website design. Consistency is key to creating a strong, recognizable brand.

Create a Word Board

Jot down words that relate to your jewelry, like "elegant," "vintage," or "bold." Use a thesaurus for inspiration and mix these words to brainstorm potential names. This is a fun and creative way to come up with unique options.

Focus on Your Customers

Think about who you're selling to. What words or names would catch their attention? Use feedback and sales data to guide your decision. Remember, your name should resonate with your target audience.

Keep it Short, Sweet, and Memorable

A short and catchy name is easy to remember and search for online. Skip the long and complicated options; simplicity is your friend here.

Choose a Name that Lasts a Lifetime

Avoid names that box you into a specific niche or trend. You want a name that can grow with your business and remain relevant as your product line evolves.

Add Keywords

Incorporate words like "jewelry" to boost your search engine presence. This also makes what you're selling crystal clear.

Should You Use Your Own Name?

Adding your personal name can give your brand a unique touch, but pair it with descriptive keywords to ensure clarity about what you're offering.

Be Patient and Ask for Help

If you're stuck, take a step back. Sometimes, a break is all you need. Don't hesitate to ask for input from friends, family, or social media followers.

Do Your Research

Before settling on a name, make sure it's not already taken. Check trademarks, registered names, domain names, and social media handles to avoid legal issues.

Secure Your Business Name

Once you've chosen a name, make it official. Register your business and secure a domain name to establish your online presence.

Examples of Great Jewelry Brands & Their Names

Examples of Great Jewelry Brands & Their Names

Let's talk about some jewelry brands that really stand out, not just for their stunning designs but also for their memorable names and the stories behind them. These names are a peek into the brand's identity and what they bring to the jewelry world.

Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe offers a blend of luxury and modernity, mixing classic design with a fresh approach. Known for celestial motifs, her brand stands out for luxurious simplicity and a commitment to sustainability.


Prounis Jewelry, led by Jean Prounis, is all about honoring the tradition of jewelry making. With designs featuring recycled gold and ancient techniques, the brand combines timelessness with a contemporary twist.


Melinda Zeman's Boochier is where playful meets vibrant. The brand is celebrated for its innovative designs, including slinky bangles and colorful enamel, making fashion statements that are both fresh and lively.

By Pariah

The unnamed British designer behind By Pariah focuses on sustainability without compromising sophisticated design. The brand offers elegantly simple jewelry crafted from recycled materials, proving eco-friendly can also be chic.

Jolly Bijou

Jolly Bijou brings fun and sophistication together with colorful gemstones and deco-inspired designs. It's all about playful elegance, creating pieces that are both eye-catching and refined.


Australian founders Jeramie Hotz and Talia Shavalov's Erede is a lesson in modern minimalism. The brand emphasizes ethical production and simple designs, perfect for everyday wear.

Type Jewelry

From Panama, Type Jewelry stands out for its architectural approach to design. The brand offers pieces that create an instantly curated look, blending modernity with timeless appeal.

Arielle Ratner

Arielle Ratner specializes in highlighting the natural beauty of stones with her organic designs. Her brand is about showcasing the stones' inherent beauty in a unique and eye-catching way.

Bea Bongiasca

Bea Bongiasca is synonymous with playful colors and unique designs. Her Italian flair for vibrant enamel and gemstones makes her jewelry instantly recognizable and brimming with youthful energy.


Under Stephanie Wenk's creative direction, Sauer brings a colorful and fun approach to fine jewelry. Drawing on a range of inspirations, the brand's pieces are whimsical and tell a story.

Marie Lichtenberg

Marie Lichtenberg's jewelry is a colorful ode to global cultures and her Martiniquan roots. She blends personal storytelling with vibrant design, offering a modern take on locket jewelry.


Foundrae quickly made its mark with mission-driven jewelry. Each piece is designed to express identity and values, blending beautiful craftsmanship with symbolic motifs.


Sisters Nicole and Kim Carosella's Sorellina combines bold statements with historical influences. Their distinctive style, featuring tarot and Art Deco inspiration, makes their jewelry stand out.

Harwell Godfrey

Lauren Harwell Godfrey's designs are known for their distinctive stone inlays and rich gold tones. Her unique approach has earned her brand recognition and accolades.


Under Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski has embraced bold colors and sculptural designs, refreshing its classic crystal jewelry with contemporary flair.

Uniform Object

David Farrugia's Uniform Object challenges traditional jewelry norms with minimalist designs. The brand's pieces are designed to be versatile, either standing alone or layered.

Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth's brand is a testament to the power of color and imagination in jewelry design, offering pieces that are as fantastical as they are beautiful.

Rainbow K

Rainbow K Jewelry brings a fresh twist to fine jewelry with its edgy and unexpected designs, proving that traditional can be totally reimagined.


Monbouquette stands out not just for its beauty but also for its patented functional designs, showcasing an innovative approach to jewelry making.

180 Jewelry Store Name Ideas

10 Trendy Names for Jewelry Business

  1. Isla's Adornments
  2. Milo & Me Jewels
  3. Gemma's Gleam
  4. Rowan's Radiance
  5. The Harper Collection
  6. Wren's Wonders
  7. Maison Bennett
  8. Everly & Oak
  9. Finch & Fable
  10. Anya's Atelier

10 Handmade Jewelry Business Names

  1. Charlie's Charms
  2. The Bennett Forge
  3. Willa's Weavings
  4. Handmade by Hazel
  5. Sofia's Stones
  6. Kieran's Knots
  7. From Faye's Fingers
  8. The Linden Studio
  9. Marlowe's Metals
  10. Arlo's Artistry

10 Permanent Jewelry Business Names

  1. Forever Linked
  2. Infinite Adornments
  3. Welded Wonders
  4. Bonded by Bennett
  5. Etched Elegance
  6. The Sterling Chain
  7. Sparrow & Solder
  8. Golden Clasp
  9. Charmed Connections
  10. Enduring Elements

10 Paparazzi Jewelry Business Names

  1. $5 Bling by Brianna
  2. Shimmer & Shine with Sadie
  3. Piper's Paparazzi Paradise
  4. Jemma's Jewels
  5. Dazzling Deals with Danielle
  6. Harper's Hoard
  7. Bling Boutique
  8. Mia's Must-Haves
  9. Bargain Baubles
  10. Sparkle Squad

10 Good Names for Jewelry Business

  1. Sullivan's Sparkles
  2. Theo's Trinkets
  3. Aurora's Atelier
  4. Beryl & Bloom
  5. The Opal Orchard
  6. Juniper & Jade
  7. Beckett's Bijoux
  8. Golden Thread
  9. Silas & Stone
  10. Sparrow & Co.

10 Girly Jewelry Business Names

  1. Poppy & Pearl
  2. The Gilded Rose
  3. Luna & Lace Designs
  4. Willow's Whimsy
  5. Adorned by Avery
  6. Seraphina's Sparkles
  7. Blush & Bloom
  8. Elodie's Elegance
  9. Enchanted Charms
  10. Petal & Polish

10 Cute Jewelry Business Names

  1. Honeybee Jewels
  2. Firefly & Co.
  3. Daisy Chain Designs
  4. The Butterfly Boutique
  5. Lark & Luna
  6. Little Wren's Wonders
  7. Clementine's Creations
  8. Sugar & Spice Baubles
  9. The Painted Pony
  10. Pippa's Pretties

10 Catchy Jewelry Business Names

  1. The Gemstone Gallery
  2. Bling & Bloom
  3. Shimmer & Shine
  4. Treasure Trove
  5. All That Glitters
  6. The Jewel Box
  7. Baubles & Beads
  8. Adorn & Aspire
  9. Glimmer & Glow
  10. The Sparkle Society

10 Jewelry Making Business Names

  1. The Artisan's Bench
  2. Stone & Silver Studio
  3. Crafted by Clara
  4. The Metal Muse
  5. Hammer & Heart Designs
  6. From Wire to Wearables
  7. Knots & Twists
  8. The Beading Board
  9. Molten & Made
  10. Jasper & Jade Co.

10 Names for Permanent Jewelry Business

  1. Infinite Links
  2. Everlasting Adornments
  3. Bonded by Design
  4. Sealed with Sparkle
  5. Fusion & Forever
  6. The Golden Weld
  7. Unbreakable Bling
  8. Charmed Connections
  9. The Sterling Circle
  10. Enduring Elegance

10 Small Business Names for Jewelry

  1. Local Gems
  2. Handmade Haven
  3. Personalized Pieces
  4. The Petite Boutique
  5. Little Luxuries
  6. One-of-a-Kind Creations
  7. Harper's Handcrafted
  8. Trinkets & Treasures
  9. Artisan Alley
  10. Bespoke Baubles

10 Creative Names for Jewelry Business

  1. The Stardust Studio
  2. Whispering Wire Designs
  3. Moonstone & Magic
  4. Eclectic Elements
  5. The Wanderlust Collection
  6. Opals & Aura
  7. Raw & Refined
  8. Mystical Metals
  9. The Bohemian Bijou
  10. Wildflower Wonders

10 Small Jewelry Business Names

  1. Ezra's Essentials
  2. Willow's Wonders
  3. Maeve's Metals
  4. Finn's Finds
  5. Clara's Creations
  6. August & Oak
  7. Remy's Relics
  8. Luna's Locket
  9. Jasper's Jewels
  10. Indie & Ivory

10 Unique Quirky Names for Jewelry Business

  1. The Speckled Magpie
  2. Foxglove & Feather
  3. Rambling Rose Designs
  4. The Painted Peacock
  5. Firefly & Frost
  6. Toadstool & Twine
  7. Juniper & Juniper
  8. The Curious Crow
  9. Clementine's Curiosities
  10. The Gilded Bumblebee

10 Catchy Names for Jewelry Business

  1. Glitter Grotto Galore
  2. Bijou Blitz Haven
  3. Flash Fable Foundry
  4. Luster Labyrinth Lounge
  5. Radiance Reef Realm
  6. Shimmer Shift Shack
  7. Aura Orbit Atelier
  8. Mirage Mingle Market
  9. Gleam Gala Gateway
  10. Sparkle Spree Spire

10 Beaded Jewelry Business Names

  1. Beadventure Boutique
  2. Beadazzled Bliss Bower
  3. Beadnado Bungalow
  4. Bauble Brook Barn
  5. Beadcraft Beacon Bistro
  6. Pebble Prism Pavilion
  7. Seedling Serenade Studio
  8. Beadify Brigadoon
  9. Bead Blossom Bivouac
  10. Loom Lagoon Loft

10 French Names for Jewelry Business

  1. Éclat de Rêve
  2. BijouXanadu
  3. Perle de L'aube
  4. Lumières Légendaires
  5. Charme de Lune
  6. Fable Façonnée
  7. Arcanum Adornments
  8. Mystique Mosaïque
  9. Énigme Élégance
  10. Renaissance du Bijou

10 Spanish Names for Jewelry Business

  1. Canto de Carisma
  2. Joya Júbilo
  3. Encantos Escondidos
  4. Brisa de Brillantes
  5. Tesoro del Tiempo
  6. Corazón de Coral
  7. Alma Adornada
  8. Destello del Destino
  9. Oasis de Opulencia
  10. Vínculos de Vistoso