Indiana Secretary of State Business Search

If you're setting up a new business in Indiana, here's how you can conduct an Indiana Secretary of State Business Search to get the ball rolling!

Starting a business involves several steps, one of which is conducting a thorough search to ensure the uniqueness and legality of your business name. In Indiana, this process is streamlined through the INBiz Portal, a comprehensive resource provided by the state. Understanding how to effectively use this tool is essential for anyone planning to establish a business entity in Indiana. This guide aims to simplify and clarify the process, providing a step-by-step approach to navigating the Indiana Business Entity Search.

Access the Business Entity Search Tool

Navigate to the INBiz Portal

Navigate to the INBiz Portal
The first step in conducting a business entity search in Indiana is visiting the INBiz Portal. This platform is the official state resource for business services and is accessible via the Indiana Secretary of State's website. You can find the portal by searching for "Indiana business entity search" in any standard web browser.

Browser Compatibility

Before proceeding, ensure that your web browser is compatible with the INBiz portal. As of August 1, 2021, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. The portal functions best with updated versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria

Choose Your Search Method

The INBiz portal provides several methods to conduct your search. You have the option to search by Business Name, Business ID, Filing Number, Registered Agent Name, or the name of an Incorporator or Governing Person. Each method serves a specific purpose, depending on the information you already have or what you intend to find out.

Refine Your Search

To enhance the accuracy of your search results, the portal allows you to filter by specific criteria. These include business type, status, or name type. This feature is particularly useful if you're looking for a certain type of business or need to know the operational status of a business.

Perform the Search

Perform the search

Input Your Keywords

When you're ready to search, enter your chosen keywords. The portal gives you the flexibility to search for business names that either "contain," "start with," or are an "exact match" to your keywords.

Search Tips

Remember, the search function is not sensitive to case, spaces, or punctuation. To widen your search scope, avoid including business designators like "LLC," "Corp," "CO," "Inc.," etc., as these are not necessary and might limit your search results.

Review the Results

Review the Results

Examine the List

After executing the search, a list of businesses matching your criteria will be displayed. This list includes critical details such as the Business ID, Business Name, Name Type, Entity Type, Principal Office Address, Registered Agent Name, and the business's Status.

Check Name Availability

If you are searching for a unique business name, its appearance in the search results indicates that it is already in use. In this case, you will need to think of an alternative name that is distinctive and not similar to existing business names in Indiana.

Click on the Business ID for More Information

Click on the Business ID for More Information

Access Detailed Information

For more comprehensive details about a specific business, click on its Business ID link in the search results. This action directs you to a page providing in-depth information about the business, such as contact information, business history, and filings.

Additional Considerations

Domain and Trademark Availability

Trademark Availability
Apart from the state business entity search, it's also important to check if your chosen business name is available as a web domain. Establishing an online presence is often a key step for modern businesses. Additionally, verify that the name does not infringe on any existing trademarks to avoid legal complications.

Proceed with Registration

After confirming that your chosen name is unique and available, the next step is to formally register your business with the state of Indiana. This process includes several steps and requirements, which can be found in detail on the INBiz portal.

Starting a Business in Indiana FAQs

Why Should I Start a Business in Indiana?

Indiana offers a conducive environment for businesses, highlighted by its low corporate taxes and manageable regulatory terrain. The state's cost of living is relatively low, making it an economically viable option. Additionally, Indiana boasts a skilled workforce thanks to its network of esteemed universities and vocational schools.

What Are the Main Types of Business Entities in Indiana?

Indiana recognizes several for-profit business entities, notably Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S Corporations, and C Corporations. The suitability of each depends on various factors like business nature, owner count, and desired liability protection level.

What Do I Need to Start a Business in Indiana?

Starting a business in Indiana requires filing Articles of Organization, selecting a business name, and paying a fee to the Business Services Division of the Indiana Secretary of State. A well-researched business plan and an operating agreement are also advisable.

How Much Does It Cost to Form a Business in Indiana?

The cost of business formation in Indiana varies by entity type. For instance, the online filing fee for an LLC is $95, while the mail-in filing fee is $100.

Do I Need a Business License to Operate in Indiana?

Indiana doesn't issue a general business license. However, depending on your business type, industry, and location, certain specific permits or licenses might be necessary.

How Do I Register My Business in Indiana?

Business registration in Indiana can be completed online through the INBiz portal, managed by the Indiana Secretary of State.

What Is the Role of the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC)?

The ISBDC provides no-cost business advising, training, resource libraries, and referral services to support businesses at different stages of development.

What Are the Financial Considerations When Starting a Business in Indiana?

Understanding your financial status, including startup costs and employment plans, is important. Maintaining or improving your credit score is also important, especially for loan eligibility.

What Resources Are Available for Small Businesses in Indiana?

Resources for small businesses in Indiana include coaching, networking opportunities, classes, and support services. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana Small Business Development Center are notable providers of these resources.

What Is the Process for Choosing a Business Name in Indiana?

To choose a business name in Indiana, ensure its uniqueness and non-association with existing businesses. This can be verified through the INBiz portal.

What Is a Registered Agent, and Why Do I Need One?

A Registered Agent in Indiana is an individual or entity appointed to receive and send legal documents for your business, including legal actions and state communications. Every business in Indiana is required to appoint a Registered Agent.

What Are the Tax Obligations for Businesses in Indiana?

Tax obligations in Indiana vary based on the business type. For instance, product-selling businesses must register for sales tax, and employers must register for withholding tax.

What Is the Role of a Business Plan in Starting a Business in Indiana?

A business plan in Indiana serves as a strategic guide, detailing your business idea, marketing strategies, and financial projections.

What Support Is Available for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Indiana?

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offers various supports, including small business assistance and access to business incubators, which provide technical and management support.

What Are Some Considerations for the Location of My Business in Indiana?

Choosing a business location in Indiana involves considering the impact on permits, regulations, and customer demographics. Options include home-based operations, co-working spaces, physical stores, or online platforms.


Remember to use the portal's various search methods and filters to refine your search for more accurate results. Additionally, considering the availability of your business name as a web domain and checking for trademark issues are critical steps before finalizing your business name. With all this information at hand, you can proceed confidently with registering and establishing your business in Indiana.